Increase EXP payouts for Accelerate Singleplayer

Title is self explanatory.

I mostly prefer playing solo for time trials, but in doing this you get only 600 EXP per run (300 on track completion, 300 on the podium), it takes around 3~4 mins average, which makes getting the higher medals a chore. Is it possible to bump it up to at least 3000 EXP per run?
Playing multiplayer should give more EXP of course, but the difference it makes currently is too big.

For reference, without bonus multiplier:

  • Minigolf gives 450~1500 EXP per hole (17550 Avg. Total)
  • Ball Race gives 300 or 600 EXP per level (~5560 Avg. Total)
  • ZM gives 4000~5500 EXP per day (~28500 Avg. Total)


This would be nice. Going after time trials is a pretty good reason for solo play, but maybe cap total solo XP per day. I rarely see anyone at higher ranks, and it’s definitely a game that’s good to practice before jumping into multiplayer.

The experience payout is tiny on solo playthroughs.

Currently “easy” tracks give out 600exp, “medium” tracks 660exp, and “hard” tracks 750exp per race, each taking 2-4 minutes.
Assuming you use "hard tracks and complete in a reasonably fast time (2 minutes, 45 seconds), it would take 1,334 races to completely max out the accelerate badge (1,000,000/750) 61 hours, 8 minutes and 30 seconds (not including loading times/pauses).

That is simply way too long.