Increase Double or Nothing stakes

The minimum stake amount for double or nothing is quite low, compared to newer casino games. In my opinion you should be able to stake much more and possibly earn much more (and lose much more) to cement it as the high-stakes high-reward game where you can win very much but lose it all just as fast.

in fact, i think all of the launch casino games have been washed away by the newer stuff. None of the old games really cash out all that much compared to newer unit methods, and especially the newer games.


I actually would like to be able to choose how much units I bet, same way we could in GMTower.
I am aware TU’s Casino stakes are in your favor and I actually don’t mind having different, not you-favoring stakes for custom bets. It makes sense to be able to bet a lot of money while taking a great risk of losing it.
That’s basically the attractive part of casinos. And it’s all still in the game, including the currency, which would it make it a great casino simulator.
Cause what we have now isn’t casino simulator - it’s regular old grinding, since the favors are on your side and you just have to sit there and click one button again and again.
So adding bets with favors not on your side would actually contribute positively to people spending less time mindlessly grinding casino machines cause anyone who tries to grind would get dunked on by <50% favors and would need to go out and earn more units.
I don’t see why spicing up casino to make it an actual casino would be a bad idea