Incorrect question [529]

“Which city is the capital of Switzerland?” the answer it gives is “Bern”, however Switzerland doesn’t have a capital city, it’s just that Bern has the main gov’t buildings and is called the Federal City which it may be interpreted as being the capital when it isn’t.

Switzerland is comprised of cantons (essentially states) and duties must be spread evenly and so if there was a capital city one canton would therefore be more important, so it wouldn’t work out.

The question could be changed to be about which is the “Federal City”.


It is the de facto capital, though, so I, personally, think it still counts

Bern - Wikipedia

For all intents and purposes Bern is the capital, but it still isn’t the capital and the question is wrong or misleading.

Eh, I suppose.

it could just be rephrased to say ‘the de facto capital’ instead of just ‘the capital’, maybe