Incorrect? "Bugatti was an Italian car manufacturer."

Question: “Bugatti was an Italian car manufacturer.”

The answer is true: Bugatti - Wikipedia
But I was told it was wrong.

This happens frequently with True/False questions - second instance I’ve reported today.

The answer was foundt to be False, see the discussion below.

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That very link you posted, says they were a German company. The guy who founded the company was an Italian but the company was never based in Italy and thus, is not an Italian company.

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You might wanna change it back. Bugatti is not an Italian company. They were initially based in Germany before eventually relocating to France.


Oh yeah, I might have been confused between ‘Bugatti’ the person, vs ‘Bugatti’ ( Automobiles Ettore Bugatti) the company. My apologies. Tricky question!

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Thank you!

Yeah, the founder Ettore Bugatti was born in Italy but the company itself was never based in Italy. Actually, the link you posted was actually for the old Bugatti was no longer exists. The question likely refers to the new company was is a French company.

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