Incorrect answer to question [1624] about Deus Ex

The question is thus:

Deus Ex (2000) does not feature the World Trade Center because it was destroyed by terrorist attacks according to the game’s plot.

The correct answer to this question is false; the twin towers were not in the game because a dev messed up the textures and only had one half of the New York skyline, they intended the WTC to be there. It’s just a common internet myth that they predicted it.

Here’s the original source, this IGN interview (ctrl-f twin towers):


That is the technical reason. I’m quite sure that it is justified in the game’s universe that they have been demolished by a terrorist attack.

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beat’s me, but is that question really incorrect?

nah, it isn’t anywhere in that game. even the GOTY edition doesn’t make any mention of the WTC. i don’t know about invisible war, but the question specifies deus ex (2000), so…