Incorrect? Answer about question

The question is “Which element has the highest melting point”, to which the answer would be tungsten, but is incorrectly carbon. Carbon does not melt, but instead sublimes (source Tungsten is the element with the highest melting point, as it can melt (


Someone is a smarty! I reckon 99% of most communities would never spot this mistake. Well done!

Perhaps this is an issue with the question’s wording rather than the content of the question. I’m no chemist, but taking a look at the carbon link you have and the tungsten element on the same site, it looks like the melting point of carbon is greater than that of tungsten. The issue has to do with what pressure is used to get the measurement. From in the “Data Zone” sidebar:

Note: At normal atmospheric pressure, carbon does not melt when heated, it sublimes. i.e. it undergoes a phase change directly from solid to gas. If the pressure is increased to 10 atmospheres carbon (graphite) is observed to melt at 3550 °C.

Tungsten’s melting point from is listed as 3422 degrees celsius, which isn’t as high, though I also assume that’s at normal atmospheric pressure rather than the 10 atmospheres carbon is observed at. I don’t know if carbon has the highest melting point of whatever options are given at 10 atmospheres, but if it is then perhaps that point of measurement was what the question intended.

Regardless, either the question needs to be changed or removed.