Incorrect?: 3477 Regarding Portal Companion Cube

Recently ran into this T/F question with the following text:

In Portal, the Companion Cube’s ARE sentient. (sic)

Despite the grammar errors I’m not really sure the question scans for a couple reasons. The only reason to put the answer as True is the following throwaway gag from Portal 2:
I think that one was about to say ‘I love you.’ They ARE sentient, of course. We just have a LOT of them.

The game has a lot of throwaway gags from GLaDOS which are intentionally unbelievable and absurd to taunt the player, and there’s really no other reason to believe that the presented inanimate object is sentient. Given how ambigious this detail is, I’m not sure it’s really appropriate for a definitive true/false question with a correct answer.

The question also specifies Portal rather than Portal 2, the game with the line in question.


I agree, it’s clearly a throwaway gag by GLaDOS meant to pick at “relationship” between the player and a meaningless cube and how little she cares for Chell.


i agree big time