Incorrect?: 100th digit of pi

What is the 100th digit of pi?
Correct: 9, Incorrect: 4,7,2
(ID: 2756, Sci:Math)

Obviously, pi = 3.141592… This question is slightly ambiguous: consider the 5th digit of pi. The 5th decimal place is 9, but the 5th digit is 5 as it includes the leading 3.

Similarly, the 100th decimal place is 9 and the 99th decimal place is 7. Both 7 and 9 are given as options, which doesn’t help.

The question could be reworded as ‘100th decimal place’, so that 9 is definitely correct; or the answers could be changed to only include one of 7 and 9.


Link for proof:,digit%20of%20Pi%20is%207.

In its current wording, yes, it’s incorrect. The 100th digit of pi is 7.

The question has been deleted.