In the future, a respawn button may be helpful for bug finding?

My Reasoning:

Once your in those spots you’re stuck. Also, you can get on top of the ferris wheel in various ways and get outside the map in the sea. However, you can go under the pier to get back in or just go outside the map.

p.s when you press esc, it brings up the menu, can you make so if you press esc again it closes the menu?

Pressing K makes you suicide, which makes you respawn.

thanks a bunch!

what would be cool is if you press esc and there was a “Respawn” button and once you pressed it, it would say are you sure? and if you click yes then it would say are you really sure? and then you press yes and then it starts a countdown in the middle of the screen 5 4 3 2 1 RESPAWN then hear a popping sound like the ball being popped in ball race (and having an option to cancel the countdown if you change your mind at last second) it could help getting out of sticky problems and it would look more like a official thing then pressing “K” on your keyboard

I don’t think it needs that much confirmation that they want to die since it’s not too big of a deal, so maybe just 1 “Are you sure?”, or maybe no confirmation at all.