In-game youtube/soundcloud search system

Opening steam overlay browser, or any other one, takes pretty long time, and then it takes more while it loads the search page, then the video.
I’ve been looking at telegram/discord bots which give you list of videos by search request quickly and it striked an idea in my head that TU could just have similar system in-game -
So you’d type something for YT/SC in the media window and it would show you the list of, like, first ten found videos (can have pages duh), and then you just click on whatever you want, instantly loading it on the media player.

would be great cause it feels inconvenient to open a browser every time to get a video’s URL (that led me to saving URLs in my telegram client for quick copypasting)

Not a bad idea, I think that developers can do something similar as in the gmt for example.

GMT had embed browser with youtube as well. What I’m talking about is a list with videos inside the game’s interface, which should load way faster than whole internet pages

I don’t rly think an entire new interface just for finding youtube videos is necessary and I can’t see it being much faster to load than the youtube site itself. being able to browse youtube in-game without needing to open the steam overlay or tab out of the game would be kinda nice though

well, I had an assumption it should be faster considering how fast those messengers bots respond with videos list to you. Loading internet pages takes eternity comparing to this