In-game radio

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but I was thinking how good it would be to have an in-game radio in TU. This would be similar to the GTA radio station with different stations that play different genres (eg. Worldwide FM my favourite station, reggae, hip hop, pop, etc.).

This could be a purchasable item which can be placed in the plaza and in condos. Who knows, maybe you could even add a custom radio station to allow players to play their own music?

I think this would be an amazing addition to the game and definitely improve the overall atmosphere with parties and get togethers. (:


Gmod Tower had a radio prop that played a large variety of internet radio stations. I’d be interested to know if something like that will return in Tower Unite. Maybe even a protable model? Although you could have the station open on your browser in the background for pretty much the same effect.


Yeah exactly what I mean like a portable radio, and having a browser open and listening to music urself is not the same… Would be amazing for everyone to hear the music simultaneously

We have a name for this and it’s called micspam. To give players an ingame item that does the same thing is basically permission to do it and not get banned.

I can understand the radio in the condo though, that is most likely already in the works, or on its way.

EDIT: Just remembered that a music feature is planned for the condo, so you can drop soundcloud links or something in there and it plays throughout the condo. So the radio would act just kinda like a visualizer or an audio source.


Ideally you could opt out not to listen what someone else is playing.

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