Improvements for Billiard

Right now it feels a bit unfinished in that it’s missing a few features that a lot of other billiard games already have. Like at the start of a game you should be able to move the cue ball around the starting area and place it around here inside the red rectangle.
Also if the cue ball gets scratched the next player should be able to select where they want to place the cue ball like how it works on 8 Ball Pool (as in it’s not limited to the starting area).
Another thing would be if the player only has 8 ball left and they pot the 8 ball but they also pot their cue ball they should lose the game unlike how now I don’t think it’s counted.
Another thing would be giving the player foul if they hit their own ball but it doesn’t hit any of the walls and so then they get scratched.
And also at the start of the game if you pot any balls only the second shot would determine which side you’re on (I’m not sure if it’s like the first ball you pot or something else if you end up potting multiple different balls).
And at the end you should have to select which pocket you are going to pot the 8ball and if you pot it on the wrong pocket you’d lose the game.
If anyone can think of anything else to add or you want to correct me then please do so.