Improve [Reset Trackers] Button

What Currently Exists
A button to reset all Plaza trackers.

The Issue
The button resets everything in regards to the Plaza; photo locations, info spots, hidden plushes, and in regards to Halloween, all quests (jack’o lanterns, ghost dog, bones).

How To Improve On It
Each type of item needs its own button to reset, so all progress isn’t reset, just a part of it.

Provide Example
When I collected all ten bone spots the first time, the in-game achievement went off, but since Steam connectivity was having issues, the achievement wasn’t properly recorded. So, when I restarted Tower Unite, the in-game achievement was gone, given that it wasn’t properly popped in Steam. However, the bones progress was properly recorded, so I couldn’t collect again. The only way to reset the bones was to reset the trackers. Alas, this post.

I can separate the halloween and normal progress trackers.