Improve readability

Gonna be real, I can’t see shit. With how fast everybody is, combined with so many light sources and particles, and custom models on top of that, it just gets real hard to see people. Even players using the default model are difficult to make out from the background.
I think the most reliable way to do this is just add an outline shader to everybody you’re able to damage- red, preferably, but bonus points if we could change the color for accessibility. It would go a long way.


I second this, particularly because I’m not fond of the current teammate outline color being black. I’d love for customizable outline colors (and outlines to be more prominent in general) to be in SDNL.


thirded. i’ve tried shooting teammates an embarrassing amount of times for an embarrassing amount of time bc it’s so difficult to tell they’re a teammate. once i accustom myself to the idea that their playermodel is that of a teammate the problem kinda goes away but it’d still be nice


The teammate icon also has the issue of clipping into workshop models with larger heads, so it’s basically impossible to make it out in some cases. Should draw over their playermodel, if possible.