Improve Melon Problem

Hello I’m here with a Idea to Improve the melon Problem.

Add a times Melon payout X players count

Basically this aloud bigger player counts get a better payout, because there will be more people wanting to get the melons. So this also Make people play in bigger groups for the mini games ball race (and maybe other mini games if you can make it work) but also can cause problem also because of the math has to be right so you don’t give them too much. you can’t really do the time player count because a 15 units payout can easy become 180 units with only 12 player and with 10 melon on one course this is just too much.

(my brain has die from writing so I will stop it there.)


1 player = 1 Unit
2 players = 2 Units
3 players = 4 Units
4 players = 8 Units
5+ players = 10/12 Units

What do you think?
This system when playing via main menu.


Most mini games have a range of a 1,000 units payout and as a game design that seem very little units for getting melons. Also some people still want to play friends and that a range of two to five (people want to have a reason to play) . If it’s a party of 15 to 25 Melons gather is going way to crazy if it’s way to high.

So your may need to do wicked math to make it really work.

every time I think of melon I can’t stop thinking of this

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Perfect. I’m no developer but implementing such figures under some kind of ‘multiplier’ couldn’t (is it?) be too difficult.

Based on what you’ve chosen, figure-wise in your post; it would definitely combat the ‘solo’ farming, at the very least.