Improve controller interaction in minigolf

I get that this is a niche application, but I just tried playing some minigolf on Moonlight, an app that streams games from your computer to your phone over internet. This made me notice that the controller just doesn’t work there. My main gripes:

  • There are 3 different ways to zoom in (triggers, up/ down on left stick, up/down on D-pad)
  • The right stick, left bumper, A, B, X, and Y do nothing
  • You have to use the mouse to aim, but you can still hit the ball with right bumper
  • There is no way to pitch the camera up or down while aiming, but you can while the ball is moving (you can’t hold right click in Moonlight)

I understand that controller support isn’t a priority right now, but being able to play TU minigolf anywhere would be pretty cool. I also can’t imagine this fix taking a long time, so it’d be a nice little QoL change to make minigolf a bit better.

These are all known issues with Minigolf controls for controllers. Controller support is still very basic and eventually when we have time we’ll be adding a better experience for controller users.


Good to know. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Seems like you’re referring to the whole picture hopefully. Little Crusaders doesn’t have full controller support and I hate playing games with mouse and keyboard. I literally only play games with a controller. Even walking around plazas and condos, I need my controller lol. I saw the basic implementations, thanks. Can’t wait to see full on support.

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just, same.

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