Importing Models with no Textures issue

So im really new to blender, and ive been downloading and trying to export models and objects to Tower Unite. Every time i manage to export an item to it, after decimating it to have a low enough polycount, they always seem to show up with no textures.

Upon looking this issue up ive seen things saying that these file formats dont export with textures, (EXAMPLE = and so i was wondering how people are getting there models in the game with their textures.

Please help a noobie

Basically how do i export my models with textures and/or materials.

If your imported model is missing textures, please ensure the textures are at the location defined in the model format.
If you use .DAE, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK “Include UV Textures” and “Include Material Textures” in the export settings.
If you use .DAE, you can view the DAE in notepad to see where the texture files are pointing to.
If you use .FBX, the texture files should be where you exported the FBX at (in most cases).
We currently support TGA, PNG, and JPG as the texture formats. Make absolutely sure you are using those formats!


I suggest using DAE, it’s a lot easier.

I’m using DAE and even using the suggested addon, and still not luck. I have this error every time: