Imported character model jagged and deformed

I’m working on my own character model for TU, and after a lot of issues and hours figuring out how to correct each and every one of them, my model finally imports into the workshop editor, texture and all. But the only issue I’m having now is the model is very jagged and parts of it are still deformed. Here’s images of it in-game vs. how it is in Blender:

There’s very small parts on the underside of the tail stretching out towards about where the root bone is, so I’m wondering if random parts of the mesh all over the model are being slightly pulled towards the root for whatever reason, causing the jaggedness. Or is this some other issue? I’ve tried getting the weight painting right as best I could but it’s just not helping.

Please help! ><

Try unweighting the twist bones.


That did help a bit! Thanks! The head is perfect now, and the squashed bicep on the right arm is fixed.

The fin and tail at the back as well as certain parts on the lower half of the model are still having issues though. Might be a separate weighting issue I’ll try fixing.

Is it the knees, elbows, and ankles?
Because if it’s that then I have been dealing with the same issue and I can’t even recreate it in Blender so must be TU doing some fishy stuff. I’ve already tried skinning without even taking into account the twist bones (and the root bone of course) yet it still happens.

I do see lots of models that don’t have this issue sooooo I would love to know how to fix it pleaseeee.
It’s mostly visible in skinny models, it gets kinda hidden with thicker ones.