Im stuck on build and cant update?

so ya the title really says all i dont know what i can do so if i could get some help it would be much appreciated.

For more information on this, refer to this post here

You just haven’t activated the Weekly Builds yet.

  • Right click on the game in you’re library

  • Go to properties

  • Click on the ‘Betas’ tab

  • And enter in the code: ihavereadtheforumpost

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thank you

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You should read the forum post though.

Like really. You should.

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##No seriously, everyone should be reading the forum post!

If you use the code:


and you have not read the forum post.
You are lying!


Well this isn’t very accommodating for blind people. I’m gonna get my dad Gabe Narwhal to ban you from Nintendo.

read the forum post before entering ihavereadtheforumpost or else you arez da liezz

dont worry guys i read it

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