Im building a new PC

##These are the new parts that are going to be in that beast:

All comes together to £870.76
Total savings: £224.44
I have : £990 in my account

AND I can get it tomorrow… but the question is… should I?

Looks good but you could go with the X99 platform for a bit more:

You would also need DDR4 Memory.

I would also recommend a 750+ Watt power supply in case you ever want to get a second GPU in the future.

That would be like an extra £200 almost.

I still need money in my account incase a part doesn’t work or something and I need to replace it. AND ALSO CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP AND I STILL NEED TO GET STUFF FOR PEOPLE!

You don’t need to bother with more than 4 cores in your CPU anyway, at least, not yet.
There’s no game out there that fully utilises over 4 cores. Some extremely new games /do/ get performance boosts from 6 cores and onwards… but it’s usually something minuscule.

If I’m not mistaken, Zeeno does video editing. I think he could benefit from a beefier CPU if that is the case.