I'm a Badger!

Hello all, I’m a 23 year old woman who lives in seattle, vapes and works for Seagate. I really liked lobby 1 and LOVED lobby 2, and as soon as I heard about the kickstarter I knew I had to donate! Then I saw that it failed and decided to dabs, that was probably the highest I’ve ever been, that’s not the point though, when I saw the indiegogo I was overjoyed! I decided to donate 10 times what I originally had (3 dollars :blush:) I was so happy to see my donation confirmation, and when I saw the 50k pass I, you guessed it, did dabs again, that was a week(ish) ago and I’ve been super happy ever since I saw it pass!

Some other interests of mine are keyboards and pc building. I’d probably rather not get into all of that since I tend to type a lot more than I should when I’m high. But for those of you on r/Mechanicalkeyboards I have a Logitech G710 with a custom paint job on the blue bar on the side (painted white) with doubleshot ABS dolch red keycaps.

Quick version:
23 yr old stoner chick
Hyped for TU
Working for Seagate and builds pcs for a living

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Hello there, I’m from Colorado and weed fucked me up.


Welcome to the forums, @Badger!


Welcome aboard! :ship:

Welcome! :horse:

Welcome to the forums, @Badger!

How? Overdose on THC? If so you must have been doing some fuckin’ insane dabs.

It wasn’t even a dab, just really dank weed. Gave me memory problems that are slowly becoming better. I think I’ll hold off on weed for awhile.

Damn, do you remember the name of the strain so I can stay away? I use a PAX 2 and the THC is better separated from other stuff so if I got some of that I bet it would really fuck me up.

I sadly don’t remember. I just remember being mellow, but somewhat alert. I later felt tired and angry. The ironic thing is this was on halloween and my costume was a hippie.

Never had the tired and angry thing, sounds more like being drunk if you ask me, but the mellow yet alert thing is pretty much a constant when I’m high.

Posting this for a badge + discussions like this should go here

I think it is more of a me problem because somebody that I used to know also smoked the same weed and didn’t have a problem.

Maybe you had too low a tolerance?

Shit, I really don’t know. All I’m worried about is getting my memory fixed and the story I’m going to tell my kids. I heard ibuprofen helps, but citations are needed.

Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you in Tower and eventually Tower Unite! :grin: