If you haven't already, play Portal Stories: Mel

I’ll try not to gush, but PS:M is probally the best portal 2 mod out there, here is 5 reasons why.

  1. Puzzles really got me thinking.
  2. Great story.
  3. Valve quality cutscenes.
  4. Custom soundtrack, portal gun, boss fight, puzzle element, etc.
  5. :heart_eyes: DAT ENDING DOE~ :heart_eyes:

Seriously, this mod NEEDS attention (also does Tower Unite… :weary:) and its FREE on the steam store! I had alot of fun with this mod and so should you!

Make sure you have portal 2 before you install!

Here is the store page~

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I can attest to this being a good game.
I don’t like the voice actor for the Wheatly knock off, though.

But who cares, the puzzles are really well thought out.

Yep. The puzzles are pretty dang hard, but so far? Best Portal 2 mod that’s on Steam, hands-frickin’-down.

GET THIS GAME. GET THIS GAME, AND pull your hair out trying to figure out the hard puzzles NEVER LOOK BACk.

I say exactly the same. I downloaded it on day 1 and it’s amazing. Puzzles are in fact more difficult than the Portal 2 ones! And it’s free, what else could I ask for?

I’ve just started playing it and it is one of the best portal mods available and also has a really great soundtrack that I keep listening too.

i just recently finished it and i can also say that it has been one of my favorites.


I also played it by the time it came out and was really an awesome experience. Being a great portal fan, it was nice to see a game with a spike in difficulty. Yes, the puzzles were indeed hard, but I never saw them being impossible as some people claim. People just need to think more outside of the box, I think. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They just released a new Portal Stories mod for the Vive! I don’t own a Vive but I thought I would just post it on this thread…

Loved PS: Mel, by the way.

why would you post this on a post that was made in June?