If you don't make Tower Unite F2P it will die

That is why PlayStation Home (which I noticed you’re inspired by), Second Life and imvu are extremely financial successes, you have to give them the meth first, they get addicted, then they can’t control themself when shopping, you get good ratings, etc.

I’m just saying, it’s a marketing tactic, americans have the world’s shortest attention span, if they have to ever pay for something upfront they’re not going to do it, if they have to read something that isn’t marketed to get their attention (like clickbait) they aren’t going to read it, most of your reviews are downvoting this game saying it’s empty.

It’s early access,And we haven’t even finish the game yet.
If we release it under f2p then the dev may have to resort to micro-translations.

A f2p game can’t keep the power up for long.
And Those examples are from big company’s, This is a small dev team,not valve.

GMT Was free because it was add-on to Garry’s mod,a game you payed for.
And we have had many of people beg for it to be f2p. And unless they devs want it,then it may not happen.


Tower Unite has no micro-transactions, so the devs have to give the game a price. Otherwise, they would not get any profit for making a game that did cost money to make.


And you don’t even own the game,so it make most of you’re arguments invalid.

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What the fuck am I reading


I Personally Bought CS:S for the sole reason of Playing GMod Tower.


Tower Unite has no micro transactions and will stay $15. F2P games are either hated or complained about, and people don’t like them at all. Not to mention the flawed system that it is, which drains the playerbase and with the way F2P games work, either the developers don’t make enough money to stay afloat or the players are unhappy. The game, staying on the path it’s on, will be amazing and will support a playerbase for a very long time.

Also: PlayStation Home isn’t an inspiration for Tower Unite. They’re just slightly similar in some aspects.


Making a game free doesn’t mean it’ll have a live and active playerbase, cough Atom Universe cough and doing so at this point would pretty much betray the entire community, especially those who backed the Indiegogo or bought the game. Devs promised no microtransactions, and since a F2P system would give the devs no revenue without microtransactions, you’re basically asking them to either work on the game for free or have them drop the game as-is and move onto something else. $15 isn’t that much given the amount of content that’s in the game (and will be in the game after the casino update which is coming soon), so if you’re asking the devs to ruin their entire game to get it for free, I think you need to reconsider some things.


No! Enough reasons given.

If we make it F2P it will DEFINITELY die.

Also yeah, early access. We have to keep our heads down and ignore the people who don’t know what that means.


This game has no rabbit poster

zero out of ten what the hell is this shitty game


Then have to make purchases inside the game if it would have been f2p.
15$ is very little for this game. I usually do not buy games but this time bought because of its great potential :horse:

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As a backer I’d be pretty pissed if it was made full of microtransactions and free.


We are not inspired by Second Life or Playstation Home. I hate both of those games with a passion.


you don’t own tower unite on steam lol


Already got ya bb.

i cant read lol


As a PSHome veteran with a lot of positive memories, that kind of hurts, but is also 100% completely fair and understandable. Money, money, everywhere, and all of it from your wallet!


Get out of here with that garbage talk… this game is perfect with it’s current business model. We don’t need/want that F2P crap. Also maybe you’re not aware somehow, but the Casino update is right around the corner, which is bringing a wealth of income earning opportunities. Not just the Casino itself, but new minigames on the Boardwalk.



If you make Tower Unite F2P it will die.