If tower unite was realistic

If it was realistic, you would not survive a fall from the tower without a jetpack
The black hole in zombie massacre would basically swallow earth instead
Gold and diamond jetpack would make you very backheavy
(Share your things if tower unite was realistic)

Pressing k would be permanent


Orbiting sun is a sun. Nuff said

The all mighty sun would basically incinerate you.

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And also the rest of the planet

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Players deplete their air supplies when ball race timer hits 0

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I would have to pay units to play the minigames.

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You would not get units from mini games (you would have to get a job (like rob’s imports))

There would be no invisible walls.

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zombie massacre would be in first person

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catsacks would be in constant agony

We’ll have to make sacrificial ritual sites to pray for blessings from the pixeltail gods.

TU is fun unlike real life

You would be able to equip every single pet in the game