If there was a Tower Unite cereal, what would it be?

Just had a shower thought… if there was a Tower Unite cereal, what would it be? I asked the Staff VC and @Krionikal suggested Catsack marshmallows. Do you guys have better ideas?

(No, this isn’t going to be a thing, but I wish it was.)


Not an idea for a cereal, but some kind of treat that could be called “CatSnacks”


I think it’d be a generic brand knock-off cheerios cereal where the round bits are designed to mimic the variety of pool tubes, maybe with marshmallows based on various significant figures from TU. Each box (or bag, you never know with knock-offs) probably contains a plastic orb with a cheap prize inside.


Cereal flavoured cereal that is cereal


not gonna lie that sounds like something pixeltail would actually do

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Flavour Unite

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Standard cereal shaped like unit coins, could be called Bag of Units (or Treasure Chest of Units, but that name’s too long)

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Mac’s Snax

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Rob’s Dehydrated Soggy Cardboard Box Shreds


Fresh’s Froot Loops

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A more serious answer:
A “Gamemode puffs” that has colorful fruity puffs (Like Trix) that has colors for each gamemode.


This is amazing. More fake cereal boxes please!

catsack milk

”could a catsack milk cannabolize him/herself?” Spongeyperson 03/29/2017

Catsack Ricardo


yeah. i’m not that creative

also i find this topic really funny because there is actually a game based off a cereal lol

Like this one from jazzpunk?


Here is Little Crusaders themed cereal. marshmallow shaped crusaders. Dragon approved.

Planning to make more cereal boxes!


You are a god among TU cereal creators

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“Award yourself with Sunshine Grains!”

I forgot to add that text whoops

I also wanted to add text sayings there’s codes inside the box that you can redeem for in-game items for Tower Unite. (Orbiting Sun pet or Units.)

Last of the cereal boxes for now. I ran out of ideas and I want to work on other projects.
If I do return to working on more cereal stuff, it most likely not be front covers. I want to try making TU themed back-of-the-box activities with crosswords, mazes, and such.


Amazing, thank you for these works of art.

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