If anyone is wondering why Valve disabled trading

There was an exploit where certain crates in TF2 had a 100% chance at unboxing an unusual. It quickly caught on so now unusuals are being sold on the community market for less than $5. Valve disabled trading but people still had tons of crates they could open or sell on the market

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Has this exploit been fixed yet?

Not that I’m aware of. I wouldn’t buy anything on the community market in mass quantities because people have been getting temporarily trade/market banned for fraudulent activity

Was asking since im pretty sure i got a few keys i managed to get via trading a long time ago.
was gonna get myself an unusual or two via some of my crates.

I’m not going to say which crates do this, but not every crate does

it is essentially fixed as valve has disabled unboxing. a proper fix is on the way and unboxing will be turned back on afterwards.

they went absolutely nuclear on trying to stop this when the tf team got to work, with the biggest thing being disabling the steam marketplace for all games.

we do not know how valve will handle the exploited unusual hats, but the current idea is that they’re either going to do nothing or make them untradable.

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Personally i just wanted to unbox an unusual for the sake of it.

i was luckily in the right timezone to catch this exploit super early, so i was able to get a ton of unusuals

highlights of what i got; did not include the burning flames company man (baseball cap) as i had it before the exploit

all of the unusuals that were obtained through what happened are not usable in crafting now

They’re also untradable and unmarketable, but they’re not marked as such on the description.

This was the best solution personally.

it’s just temporary

Always tried telling my friends that spending $600 on a digital item was a stupid idea whether it be in CS:GO, TF2, or any other game with a broken economy where digital trinkets that have no effect on the gameplay can cost more than a 3-bedroom house.