Ideas for Large Events (Christmas, Easter etc.) Also Trophy Suggestions

Before I start, I’d like to say the rollercoaster during each event should change, to give us a reason to go on it through out the year. (Also, I’d like to suggest, perhaps a minigame on the rollercoaster? Like shooting targets?)

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter themed items
Ability to Open eggs for random prizes
Possible Easter bunny outfit
Easter bunny roams around the tower, and maybe you get something to do from him? Also maybe a gift is given to you?
Easter Basket to put your eggs in
Different Rarity Eggs
After collecting enough eggs, the easter bunny can reward you with a trophy to display in your condo (Achievement)

A christmas tree
Christmas themed items
Presents are unlocked everyday under the tree, and you get something random just for logging on during December
Snowball fights
Santa / someone impersonating santa roams around the tower, giving gifts to the good boys and girls
During december, if you give maybe, 10 gifts you get a rewards, 30 gifts, a better reward 50 gifts amazing reward etc.
Trophy given from santa to display in your condo for giving a certain amount of gifts (Achievement)

Ghosts roam around the tower
Possibility to become a ghost
Possess items, and make them move around the tower
Some sort of halloween minigame?
Halloween themed items
Trophy to display in your condo for completing the Halloween themed event task or something? (Achievement)

A trophy case, please. It really would be nice to display your trophies, instead of trying to make a trophy case your self.

EDIT: Some more ideas!



Possibility that the costumes have different abilities, just passive abilities, nothing that will really mess with people.

April Fools:
Everything in the tower is changed to a different colour (Pink and purple, perhaps?)
a Change log in the tower with a change saying “Jackpots on the Slots are now the most common payout, so get spending!”
Pretend all of the Tower Unite data got deleted, and everyone joins with 0 units. This is only a temporary thing, because as soon as you walk out the train station, everything is back.
Have a voice shouting as soon as you join the server: “Tactical Nuke in Bound”
a notice when you join: Lobby 3 is now officially released!. Maybe have a certain part of the tower just… Gone?


I want it to have rotating platforms inside so the trophies will spin around.


I love the idea of holiday events. Definitely should add in holiday music tracks too. Running around the tower with Christmas music playing during Christmas or stuff like the Monster Mash and other Halloween party music playing on Halloween. I could see that being a lot of fun.

They’d definitely have to add Halloween costumes and such as well. Also limited time items that you can only buy during those holidays and put up in your condo. Just decorations and such.

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This game really needs events like GMT

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I’m pretty sure Tower Unite will at least include themes for the lobby during the holidays. Christmas and Halloween for sure. Probably more, but I don’t know myself.

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We plan to have events.