Idea to replace the maintenance tunnel


Since they scrap the idea for the maintenance tunnel change it to an elevator so when you enter the maintenance tunnel there’s an elevator inside when you go inside of it like elevator source when you go to different areas and at the end is a secret area like in source and they could even add an achievement called going down and probably not but if you make it all the way down you can unlock that last floor as a condo if you played elevator source you know what the last floor am talking about but another idea is if you take the elevator it just take you to a secret area like in lobby 1 there was the secret area in the vents if you went through the theater but instead you take the elevator to a vent area that leads under the map like a maze and you can find a secret room like a room full servers as a joke of this being a game another idea is there are secret numbers around the lobby or mini-games that you type in to a keypad to unlock the elevator or different floors.


I don’t think it’s scrapped. It’s just not in the Holiday version of the plaza, as it’s an old version from before the maintenance tunnel was even added. I’m sure PT still has plans to do something with it.

Also, what’s with the all bold text? Are you yelling?


i’m not sure they’d do this considering lobby 3 is coming


am pretty sure macdguy said that they did not like the idea they where going to do with tunnel


probably i just wanted to give my idea


The bold text makes this very hard to read without me looking away or burning my eyes.


The lack of a single full space made me project my internal monologue as reading the whole post in one breath. It was pretty funny tbh.


i know when i re read it i did the same thing i and i thought maybe i should add commas and they i was Naaa




reading the post and contributing to the topic?

criticizing bold text and grammar while not actually talking about the topic of the thread?


It’s a good idea, I approve.


haha no that’s fair enough.

Your earlier post mostly summed up my own opinion on adding these ebic ideas, just wanted to comment on the very apparent, correct grammar.


OK that actually pretty funny