Idea for Zombie Massacre map

How about a new map based on the Underwater condo. As the boss at the end could be Giant Octopus, and the zombies could be mutated with different sea creatures like clown fishes and starfishes. Also as a little extra idea, How about the power up that makes you fire faster or adds a little fire to the guns rounds, is a red-ish-orange Birb with a burning aura surrounding it. Called: Burning Birb. Leave any comments, suggestions, or ideas down below! :slight_smile:

The problem with this is that they would need to make new models for the underwater zombies. That would just be excess work. However, if there were normal zombies in an underwater building or something, that may work.

not new models, I mean like differently textured zombies using the same zombie models. For Example, adding an orange, black, and white tint to the original zombie texture. They can still use normal zombies, it’d just be cool if they did add new textures.

Bringing this back cause this is an amazing idea. More diversity in ZM maps is something I’m really craving.

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