Idea for Secret Areas

the idea is if you crouch you can go there an invisible wall like in lobby 2 in gmod tower and its a room with a button that gives you one unite

the idea is you would hit e on the wall and the wall would go up and it there is just a white room with a chair like in lobby 1

the idea is at the roller coaster there is a trap door in the building and it teleports you to an ancient ruined so its the joke we built this lobby over an ancient burial ground


iā€™d love to see secret areas like this scattered around. gives you something to always be on the look out for and can be a way to get some people to actually interact with eachother to find out where some other ones are too


Yeah, I hope a bunch of stuff like this is in Lobby 3. I really liked finding stuff like the secret GMC button and moon theater in GMT.