Idea for a Path Tool

A friend of mine saw my recently posted condo and he gave me out an idea for a sort-of tool to define a path to an item, like moving from Point A to Point B or like a pendular or sinusoidal type of movement.

I have Doom sprites on my condo and he thought it might be a good idea for them to move around, at least in a more basic way, through a defined path.

It could also work for showcasing stuff like a vertical slideshow.

TL;DR a Tool that makes anything move from one point to another in multiple ways, especially for sprites or to showcase items/trophies/etc, among other ideas that could be used for this.

I want this more than anything else in the game, honestly.

To add to your suggestion, imagine mobile trains, cars, elevators, planes, walking NPCs, etc.

NPCs could go along with settings other than just moving from point A or point B, such as wandering (which already exists in condo pets) and following players (which could also have a mode to kill players upon touch, making an excellent horror mechanic).

If we had the option for rotating the path, adding multiple points and changing speed this could honestly be my favorite thing in the game (condo wise) thus far.

Please, Mac, I need this.


Exactly, this is what we’re looking for mostly, it would be great to have, it would make everything much more dynamic

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Being able to make NPCs walk around would be great.

Also something I think would be really cool is being able to give them weapons they can use to attack you, you could probably recreate entire games with that and it would be neat I think.


I’d love to use this to create a working bus system in my condo, though having smooth rides would be ideal. Maybe sitting in a seat helps this?

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This is something I really want too like the others have said. For me it’d be useful to give the larger underwater animals better movement, for example the dolphins and whales in the plaza move around much more realistically than they move in a condo aquarium. I’d much prefer setting a manual path for them to follow.

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