I'd Like to Make a Toast

Let’s give a hand to the fine developers of Tower Unite, as well as all who have donated their hard earned money to ensuring the vision of Tower Unite will come to fruition. Without the combined effort of each and every one of us, this couldn’t be happening. Hell, it couldn’t have happened.

Assuming we don’t reach $50k by midnight, it is pretty much a sure deal that tomorrow, Tower Unite will complete its IndieGogo campaign with a whole sixteen days to spare. Think about it. $50,000 raised in two weeks time. That means sixteen days of potentially more funding. That means potentially more features, polish, or gameplay additions. Can you imagine?

If it wasn’t for the tenacity of PixelTail, Tower Unite may have simply remained an idea after the failed May Kickstarter. I would like to point out the Kickstarter failed with a total of $37,070 in one month. We have reached (as of this post) $48,803 in just thirteen days. PixelTail realized that nothing in life comes easy or immediately. This goes to show the immense respectability of the group of gamers who are making this happen. I am more than proud to have had a hand in this operation. Heartfelt thanks to you, PixelTail, for making this possible.

Cheers, everyone. To us, to PixelTail, to Tower Unite!


ye ye ye

pixeltail is awesome. i love their dedication and how they didnt give up after their failed kickstarter. they’re fucking awesome.

That is affirmative :smile:

I’ve never seen a dev team as small as Pixeltail get so much done despite their size. All within the restrictions of a mod, too. Amazing what they’ve achieved by pushing the limits of the source engine. I can’t even imagine how much more content we’ll have now that Tower’s becoming its own game with practically unlimited possibilities and infinite room for expansion!

Here’s to the best community, best developers, best forum, and best game (soon to be) on steam.

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Cheers, PixelTail. You are truly amazing developers, as seen in all of your works. The amount of hard work and dedication is uncanny to the levels most developers have, and its pays off in your work. Again, you’re awesome, and good luck for Tower Unite your future endeavors.


Shame I’m going to miss the $50k (and I’m so close, $49,770 right now!) so take this as my celebratory post!

:fireworks::sparkler: We did it, congrats! :smiley: :fireworks::sparkler:

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And thinking that now we are on it, the early access releasing in 3 weeks

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dat necro

but yeah we have come far

It’s actually really hard to believe this thing has gone on for nearly eight months now. Been out of it so long.