I won $7,471,500 on a Wheel of Money Jackpot. Now I have 32,000 inexplicably

I was playing Wheel of Money on New York Server #3 for around an hour or two straight, and one a jackpot worth $7.5million. I went and bought the Suite, Theatre, Resort, and Smooth Dirt. I went to buy the House and Underwater, but the transaction yielded an error. Upon switching servers and restarting the game, my balance was reset to $32,650. TowerUniteJackpotProof TowerUniteCurrentBalanceProof I understand you might be busy, but please try to be hasty, I have spent hours upon hours on the slot machines, and my feeling of Euphoria has now drained.


you brave soul.

Give it time, takes a while for the steam servers to connect

We are issuing out the difference now. You should have 6,973,540 added shortly.


that was a hasty response alright

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Thank you for your haste.

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