I want to look back my avatar as the face of the avatar is visible

When we press the “S” key on the keyboard, our avatar walk backward:stepping back.
However, I hope my avatar look back over here and come to me. In other words, I want to look back my avatar as the face of the avatar is visible.
Please be able to select by the configuration change.

So you’re saying if you hold S (or whatever your backwards key is) while in third person, your player will look behind them while walking backwards? If so, I think that would be a nice little feature.

If the priority is being able to see your character’s face, then you can hold right click and swing the camera around to the front of your face when in 3rd person view.

I hope that my avatar walk toward me.
(I want to command walking toward me to my avatar.)
As the part of the beginning and 0:58-1:12 in this video.


Thanks. I appreciate it
If possible, more easily to face to me, and I hope that my avatar walk toward me.

When we take the screen shots or videos in the Tower Unite, I think it is fun that our avatar’s face is toward me (camera).
In PS Home it was a matter of course.
We can shoot images that everyone is facing the camera.

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Good idea dude! People aren’t familiar with ps home.I think people rather prefer social aspect on game play than socialize aspect.

We will often shoot photos and videos the experience in Tower Unite. And it is one of the fun to post them to the shared site.
If our avatars will be able to attach to pose freely toward the direction of the camera or the other direction, it is more fun to shoot videos and screen shots.

I love this video!, Great memories

It’s with you. I also love.
My memories of PS Home are revitalized.
After the PS Home has closed on April 1st, I cried a little when I watch this video. :sob:

For lateral movement, please prepare the setting select the body direction of when the avatar is moved.
At present, for the horizontal direction, the avatar walk sideways without changing the direction of the body. (The avatar move by step back, when move to backward.)
However, this is an unnatural motion.
In the lateral movement, the avatar should walk toward the horizontal. And, in the backward movement, I hope my avatar move toward the direction of the camera.
I think no need that the point of view of the camera is always in the back side of the avatar.

(Reference Video)

I don’t think that could work since those stuff stuff was design for console.Only way is that they could apply in a different way for pc.

im still trying to figure out what the hell PS Home is XD
people keep saying that tower unite is like PS Home or something like that

My suggestion is this.
For example, in my keyboard at present, W key is advance, D is side step to right, A is side step to left, S is back away.
I want the choice of configuration changes as follows.
W is same(advance), D is advance toward the right, A is advance toward the left, S is advance to the camera direction.

There were the advantages also in PS Home.
We should adopt the good thing of the other games.

So you do not need to fear the PS Home.
Already PS Home was closed. :wink:

I agree!

There is a fine line of crossing the line.Basically making something similar but not the same. people shouldn’t go overboard some idea because might sound like other game.I think it’s very important to have balance and have own identity.

Some games similar to Tower Unite might be release.
About the quality of operability and Avatar customization, it is important to devise and improvement.
I think it is lead to a result in the sales competition.