I used Paint 3D


I remade amazing art that was made with a mouse and not shape tool in Paint 3D.

Old art: http://forums.pixeltailgames.com/uploads/default/original/2X/6/6e4356662f395f260c6d7ab697df20a89fd0beca.png

New 3D Art: https://www.remix3d.com/details/G009SXH6TPXM?section=collected-in

Which art is the better art?

  • Old Art
  • New Art

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Is there anyway I can vote for neither?


I don’t know what I’m looking at, but I like it.


By not voting? Or is that not good enough for your high standards?


Really? This “art” looks like something you find in a 1st grade computer lab project.


I’d think that’s what the joke is.


Art is subjective, so long as there’s a minuscule of effort in, It’s art to me :smile:


I use Paint 3D as well @rrmm and my most notable one was my Paint 3D Catsack that I made


Fuck paint in general. Only paint.net is decent.

But even then it still kinda sucks.




Why did you Necro this?


Perfection, that’s why.


hey there ZamHedonia!, i saw you yesterday! was i good at megalovania? ;D