I think zombie massacre like this game

i think zombie massacre like this game
“Foxhole” also use the same game engine. maybe can consider add this war content

Foxhole is nothing like Zombie Massacre, other than being a top down shooter. This would fit at all with the feel of the gamemode

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ZM is just some survivors barely trying to survive with like weapons they randomly put together (like the blade trap) so tanks would not work that well.


Honestly I could see potential for a map/campaign with usable turrets or vehicles in ZM. In campaign you can obviously make it work story-wise but in survival mode, maybe certain heavy weapons could be used against some bosses or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could’ve sworn a ZM campaign was planned later down the line! I might be making stuff up out of hope though ):

A campaign mode for ZM is planned, so you’re not just misremembering! What I meant was I could see big military vehicles or weaponry coming into play at some point during campaign mode :stuck_out_tongue: