I spent about 30 minutes trying to line myself up for a GMT and TU subway comparison, this was the best I could do


the first plant in the planter is aligned the same wtf

Is it me or does Gmod have better anti aliasing?

In those screenshots yeah. I think the AA in Tower Unite is currently non-functional for some reason.

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AA definitely works. It’s a difference in rendering techniques.

Source uses Forward Rendering and MSAA/CSAA.
Unreal Engine 4 uses Deferred Rendering and FXAA.

Huh, I’ve honestly tried comparing the two but I didn’t see much difference. I guess I just didn’t look hard enough, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

FXAA is more blurry, in my opinion.

Removes a bit of contrast.


Speaking of FXAA, is it possible to implement MSAA support?

Not with deferred rendering, no. It would hammer the GPU.

You could increase the resolution above 100 and maybe get a similar effect.

I believe, the only way to switch to forward rendering for Unreal 4 is for mobile or VR games. Also, forward rendering would remove screen space ambient occlusion and screen space reflection.

Apparently in fall 2016 it’ll be available though:

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