I should make one of these!


hi i’m demoncyborg / commodore beeps
i do digital art and post it places sometimes (i even do it for money)

i like video gaming and werewolves. here’s a sock i made for someone in the discord

feel free to contact me for a good time :sunglasses:
on another note: i did this on another forum a while back, but should i host little free doodle giveaways in off topic or something?


oh shit art, whalecum.

yeah feel free to host giveaways - you’ve got some fooli sike doodle skills


is that a sock wearing socks


that sock looks like it wants to run up to people to sell them
hair products


of course, what else would it be?


Welcome to the forums (especially so for your sock friend)!
Enjoy your stay!


Hey, its me!!
Welcome to the community, thanks for the art! :slight_smile:


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