I remember a while ago the devs said the next major update would be fishing

This was said in a livestream, and my understanding is this would be followed by cooking. However, I have not seen any updates to fishing in a while.

I notice however that Minigames are racing ahead and Zombie Massacre is making steady progress, is it fair to say we will see these things before the fishing update?


Fishing was delayed due to the inventory changes.

Because of that happening around the time I took my 2 week vacation, it was pushed back quite a bit. I am currently the only person working on the gameplay for fishing and that’s the most critical part at the moment.

I will most likely be working on it again next week. I am currently prototyping different catching minigames for it and hoping to settle on one soon. I’ll have to run some playtests with others and see which is the more enjoyable experience.

On the update, The Oasis and Poseidon Coaster Update (, I put a more realistic estimation of the Fishing on the picture at the bottom:

Basically, I want to get Copycat out first, then some basic minigames, and then Fishing.


This makes it sound like Zombie Massacre won’t make it for Halloween :< Should we not get our hopes up?

What even gave you that idea to begin with?

They probably wanted it to come out around Halloween because zombies.

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NOOOOOO not the fishing ;-;

I think they’d have started sooner if that was the case.
I’m honestly going to be surprised if we get anything more than a few new items when Halloween comes.

Since events are coming out soon, it’s also within reason to think we might see a Halloween minigame pop up, maybe smashing pumpkins or something? That would be awesome.

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Like others said, the timing and mini-game of choice over others. Zombies are well related to Halloween, and in the poll I found, the community had voted Accelerate highest over Zombie Massacre.

It would have been more than possible, but a lot of people seem to be absent lately/missing/not working as much as they used to.

That, combined with that they hope to leave EA early 2018. With 4 more planned mini-games, means they would need to release a game every 2 months now, starting with the 1st in October. You can draw an educated guess based on analysis, info gathering, and figuring out a time management plan to draw a reasonable conclusion of expected events in order to achieve said goals.

I mean, your calculation there doesn’t take into account non-gameworlds. They’d need to make a gamemode every 2 months while also pushing out massive lobby items that would also take months to create. I imagine the “early 2018” goal they’ve set isn’t solid and can easily be changed if they feel they cannot meet it to their quality standards. I’d much rather have them spend 4 months per gameworld if it means the game won’t feel rushed at full release.


If I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s more likely to be sometime in 2018, not early 2018. We definitely don’t want to rush out a game that is unfinished. There’s still lots of work to do on previous Game Worlds to ensure polish while also developing the new Game Worlds. We’re hiring more people to help, such as Deniz, and we’re working at a steady pace, but things come up all the time during development that we unfortunately (and realistically) cannot plan for. Plus, we’re here for the long term; we want to ensure Tower Unite has a solid launch and can be supported for years to come.

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Ah, you’re probably right about your first two points, I agree.