I recreated Ball Race in UE4


So I decided to recreate TU/GMT Ball Race in UE4 using only blueprints.
The physics are currently nothing like TU or GMT’s Ball Race as I’m using a different method of movement.

I’ll update this forum post consistantly with updates on my progress


I will release this once it’s complete so you can make your own maps.

UPDATE 5/4/16:

UPDATE 12/9/18:

Ball Race in UE4 - Make your own maps

This is what I wanted to create myself a while back, and I might do it anyway. I am really happy about seeing this. Fantastic job. I love it. Keep working on it!

Also, could you please show me how you did the Ball blueprint? I want to use it and learn how it works. I am very new to UE4.


you dont need the permission from pixeltail games because game mechanics can not be copyrighted.
and apparently you’ve done everything you did from scratch. so do not worry about it.


Once I finish it I’ll release the project files so you’ll be able to take a look at how I did it yourself :slight_smile:


thumbs up nice work


Thanks, I should have the project ready by the end of the week with full controller support and all of Sky World complete :slight_smile:


Updated (5/4/17)





UPDATED 12/9/2018

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