I paid $15 then $60, will I get the $75 perk aswell?

Hi, I first paid $15 then I paid $60 next because that golden watch sounds great and I was wondering if I can get the $75 name inscribe perk?

I don’t think so, since you didn’t upgrade your perk, but paid two different times.

For more info about upgrading your perk, check this topic

If you realise you made a mistake and want to merge the contributions, I would suggest contacting with the Indiegogo support center

I doubt perks are accumulative.

I contacted support and they could not merge it, Tower Unite developers, if you are ok with it can you etch “Klocko” on the brick walkway (that’s what the $75 perk adds) anyway since I basically did contribute $75? Here is my profile to prove that I contributed: https://www.indiegogo.com/individuals/11493290/contributions

No. You should have upgraded instead of buying 2 separate things. The dev’s are busy.