I need help with the media player

I dont think this is a bug but i was wondering why this is happening?.

I Swear it wasn’t ever happening before now i ha

ve got it on quite a few youtube videos.

Some channels like gameranx tend to not upload the same type of videos most common and they don’t work with media players I think

They definitely need to add all formats to it then.

It seems that HTML5 has only been programmed to support these three different media formats at the moment: .mp4, .webm and .ogg.

So either whoever made that video isn’t uploading them in the proper formats, or your media player is bugging out.

Unfortunately this is due to the lack of a H.264 codec. Licensing H.264 is incredibly expensive. Before, we would use Steam’s browser to gain H.264 codec support but their browser still crashes with YouTube videos.


Would it be possible to add the support from steam browser again if steam fixed the crashes on youtube? :slight_smile:

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maybe they can?
i think it doesn’t load properly and and is slow right now though
that’s also why it isn’t back i think

It’s gonna be interesting to see if TU will be “done” before AV1 reaches mainstream.

Yes. But literally a couple days ago I tried switching on the Steam browser and the issues remain.

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