I need building tips

I’m not completely building ignorant, but with what ill call limited options there are definitely some things I’m struggling with. What am I supposed to do with rounded door ways and arches? I really want to use them, but I can’t find a single way to use them in a way that doesn’t require a bunch of pieces. Meaning a lot of effort for something simple. Then how on earth would I make a path? like a walkway or dirt road that isn’t literally a straight line, one with curved turns.

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The best item for curved doorways/arches currently is the Canvas Hole (specifically, its second and third variations). Depending on the vibe you’re going for, DIY also sells the Stone Archway item.

For dirt roads, you’ll probably want to use Canvas Decals. They’re the easiest item to use for pathing on hills since they project the image onto the item’s shape and you can make some nice looking stuff pretty easily with them.

(Here’s the image used for the dirt. credit to GoopGoop for making it)

If hills aren’t an issue, there’s some gravel and paver stones you can use for natural walkways too.


Chiming in to mention that if you want to use stuff like the gravel and paver stones on hills but are worried about gaps and stuff on the side, you can definitely use foliage like the grass patches or ground bushes to help hide those.

Also probably less relevant (and much less cost-effective) now that canvases support in-game materials, but you might also want to try playing around with furniture items, particularly by only using certain portions by hiding the rest of them in the ground. Might be able to get some interesting uses, but stuff like edge bevels or surface wear found on furniture can also provide some minor details that can be harder to replicate with canvases.

Here’s a screenshot of a years-old build that definitely uses some outdated building techniques but might serve as a good example of what I’m talking about:

Wooden walkway is made of the tops of the old wood shelf, logs of the weird raft walkway thing are made of two opposing rope fences rotated 90 degrees and clipped into the ground, and the dock-looking bit is made of a bunch of old wood table 2s.


The issue I’m running into with the canvas hole is that using World Align on the texture is unaligned for me. As well as I can’t get it to be the same thickness as the canvas wall.

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canvas walls :skull:

please use canvas cubes.

I was using cubes originally, don’t remember why I switched, but is there a reason I shouldn’t use walls?

walls are just obsolete is all. the only use they have is if you need insanely thin walls.

Cubes scale better with the other shapes. easier to get them to match.