I need a trophy case template

while ago i found someone who had a trophy case with canvas statues inside, they looked great but when i made one it looked horrible with the wooden part showing on the case.

i would need a way to hide the wooden basses but if thats not possible i have a plan

step one is placing the statue under the case, you might need to noclip for best results

step two is ajusting the size

step three is the part where i need your help, someone who is skilled at photoshop make a template for this trophy case, like so that we only need 1 statue to put multiple items in it, if its possible and have the time make one for the other shelves too please.

may this be noticed and someone makes one for all of us.


you could also you use regular canvases

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Oh ok, but i want someone to make a template so i can put stuff in using only 1 canvas either statue or regular one, i want to be efficient as possible.

Thank you for replying anyways.