I miss the way condos used to work

being restricted in lobby 1 of gmt to opening ur apt felt cool. it was also cool how in realtime you could just walk in and out of the rooms and see whatever anyone made. i still wish the server browser and all that was gone and instead u just got plopped into a server once u open the game. i understand that condo connectivity is a thing being worked on I just feel like there were always people crowding around the condo area and I want that space to feel lively again. maybe the condo area should be in a more prominent location on the map? i know me personally, I never even go to the condo area in the plaza I’m pretty sure I have to go in an elevator to access it, most ppl don’t go there I think


The Condo Hub is accessed directly from the main menu in the condo section. Most people go directly there instead of the Plaza then to Condo Hub. It gets pretty popular during the day in US timezone.

Condos have changed quite a bit and going back is no longer feasible. People have unlimited access to decorations that could never be possible in GMT.

We have discussed a small apartment mode (with its own save data from your actual Condo) to make it similar to GMT, but I feel like it would split things further and confuse new players. I’d rather us put more effort into ways to customize your condo’s outward appearance in the new Condo Hub. And finishing Dedicated Community Condos, as with that feature alone people could host their own small apartment server in Tower Unite with a build permission volume.


With regards to co-op condos, are there any plans to have the suites in the Resort condo function the same way as they did in GMT Lobby 1?

Eg. A visitor would check in and be allocated a vacant room, and then all of their saved decorations will be spawned in, with their deocrations only being stashed when they check out or disconnect; leaving the suite vacant for the next person. All in real time.

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I’d imagine you could do this yourself through I/O in some way in the future.
I believe ‘build volumes’ were planned to be a thing that would restrict where players could and couldn’t build. However reloading what a previous player built in a different area only when they connect sounds a bit too complicated for condos.

I get what you’re saying, but functionally speaking the current system just works way better for building and decorating condos than the old system did. I really love building small condos for myself and I just want to jump into it to get to decorating rather than go to a server, then go to the Condo Hub, then go to my condo.

I think a good middle ground would be to make the Condo Hub feel more lived in and more active depending on how many people are in their condos (maybe even a little clicker / display in servers showing how many condos are active at the moment?) Maybe there could be milestone items for Condo Hub decorations from the condo, or you get a preset amount of spots to assign a furniture item to? Stuff like that.


how about loading the condo hub with all its players into each player’s condo instance so that they can seamlessly go between their condo and condo hub?
Can’t load all condos at once but maybe just one is feasible?
(I know condo hub on its own is a separate map. In this example it would just mean merging it with / spawning it inside each user’s condo map (like simply somewhere underground). Since the condo hub itself is a small map, I imagine merging it with other condo maps wouldn’t be really imperformant.
If spawning it inside condo map is picked it could also be made an toggleable option in performance settings like “load condo hub while in condo”.)

This just wouldn’t be feasible with how extensive players build condos in TU, versus how simplified it was in GMT.

Players (including myself) build humongous builds, sometimes far exceeding the bounds of a condo.

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