I met Garry Newman! (Its a fake, nvm)


Thanks to: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WhyDoIHaveToEditThis/ (for letting me know he was on a server.)

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Garry plays on RP servers.

God help us all.

Was he as abrasive on that server as he is elsewhere?

No you didn’t. Theres an exploit spread around a good amount of skids right now allowing you to spoof your steamid, and most are doing it as garry.


I saw him too a week ago, he randomly joined darkRP, ran to the hospital. We trapped him, used cuffs on him, did some R-rated stuff to his tender little body. And then I ended up receiving a hit (as I was the hitman) to make an end to his once wonderful life.

All by all, I would call it a nice 2015.

Garry hasn’t played the game in ages. Its definitely not him. Like said above there’s exploits that let you pretend to be him and trigger the achievement.

If you don’t belive me ask the steam id above. i swear to god its legit.

Reminds me of the time I thought I met Notch on Minecraft, but using the hacked launcher you could use anyone’s username :laughing:

the fact that garrys mod is not in his recently played for the past 2 weeks.
Its not him.

I have more hours than Garry does in his own game.

Lol i just realized…

A few days ago I was on Serious TTT, and Garry came in and everyone exploded http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/543047245839233126/DC65E7910F563D8A70F7165169F71ADF80483378/

Some people have been banning the spoofers. I don’t mind the free achievement.

Not really related to the steamID spoofing thing, but related to the achievement:

I was once super freaking close in getting the achievement legitimately (I saw the real garry play on my favorite cinema server. It was custom made, with its own map and stuff). But when I tried to join, an error came up: Couldn’t CRC map. I had absolutely no idea what that error message meant, and I still don’t know, so I just tried to re-download it by deleting the current map file, but then I got missing map. And by the time I fixed it, garry was gone.