I made some Steam Badges

I was bored and made Steam Badges for TU :smiley:

Can make the first two too if requested :blush:


They’re looking good! I suggested the entire TU steam badge series, which includes the foil badge. What do you think about this name?

(ignore the lvl 2 foil badge, foils are lvl 1 max.)

I think the icon should be a slightly larger variant of the complete TU logo, in gold instead of blue, with a couple of stars on it, sorted vertically on the tallest building in the logo. What does everybody think?

I could offer useful criticism on the topic at hand but I don’t feel like thinking so I’m just gonna say that the foil badge should be a cat sack :wink:

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I tried :stuck_out_tongue:


They look pretty cool! I’d sorta like the colors to be different for each badge and then ending off with the TU blue, though.

Well, if you’d go with such a system, then I’d make it go like this:

Level 1: Darkgrey
Level 2: Lightgrey
Level 3: Purple
Level 4: Pink
Level 5: Darker Teal (TU blue)

Idk, just a quick suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most badges start small and then build up

The ones I made above would kinda follow this pattern

I think Rob’s head should be the foil badge.

Someone make that please.

Most people don’t even recognize or know what Rob is.

Er not rob i meant to put Zak… Oh god this reminds me of the suggestion thread where people wanted cardboard cutouts of the devs.