I made my profile picture 100x times better [Photoshop]


Edited by me


Arm Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Extra picture that looks cool

What changed:
-Edited color
-Added effects
-Fixed quality and noise
-Added tattoos
-Removed cigarette
-Made it look more real

Time spend: 7 hours

I am so happy that its finally done :’)

Extra shit…

Quality preview first original second middle third final quality

Some arm tattoos i tested

Progress with just colors and effects (When i almost started)


Great job!

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Thanks <3


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Well done

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That looks really good!
Good job. :thumbsup:

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moved to off topic > art/photography
nice edit

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Oh ups i forgot about that category
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Nice Edit! The warmer tone is a really nice touch

I recognise the original art too!
It’s Fan-art of YoungWalter from Hellsing drawn by Solid & Etc right?

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Yeah i tried to make it warm but not too warm i wanted some cold vibes too so i tried to add some redish with a bit of blueish. And tried to make the colors as real as possible. A big part with this edit is the contrast.

Also i didn’t know that this guy is from anime never heard of this anime i just found him on google images
I will take a look thanks :slight_smile:


WOW. Thats impressive. NICE job @Valyrius!

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that’s hot

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Meh, In a short time you can do in Photoshop these pictures:confused:

Uh, it only took him 6 hours for something that would take an hour or so :joy::joy::joy:

Doesn’t matter i just wanted to do perfection xd the thing that matter is that it looks good right ? XD

same i also made somethin like that

i added the face and changed the colors drastically

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

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(Original picture)

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

face I added