I made a TU Background!

I made a quick TU background you might like!

Download from Mediafire: http://bit.ly/1gLpAoW
(No adf.ly or adfoc.us or anything, I don’t use that)
(I am aware that you can download this from here)


Why do that when I can right click on the image and save it to my computer?

I don’t know… I’m stupid?
Actually, for those who don’t have right click! Right, ugh…

Ah my monitor resolution is the same as the background! Thank you for making this. I was looking for a new desktop background.

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because when you link to an image on the forum, it gets reuploaded to the forums image database and gets slightly compressed.

This is nice. I would only recommend making the outer color a tone of blue closer to the center. The color lightning and saturation change to drastically from the middle to the outsides. :wink:

Yeah, I know. I just used a pre-made color pallet on GIMP for the gradient.

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This looks really cool and is now one of my backgrounds, thank you for making it :smiley: