I made a thing

Im not quite sure where to post this…

I was bored so I made fake box art for Tower Unite. Not that its
likely to ever be in a box, but I thought I might put it here anyway.

Its not perfect, but then again im no professional.


This is really cool. If there ever was a physical edition release, I think this would great on store shelves. Great job! :smile:


You forgot the 10/10 IGN rating on the front

but seriously this looks amazing

That’s some cool box art!

This isn’t bad! I could see us maybe using this as a jumping-off point for actual boxart if we need it.

Maybe. :smiley:

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That’s really good looking! Nice work!

Nice! This looks awesome :smiley:

collectors edition comes in a catsack, has miniature sunabouzu statue, RRP $150,000 USD

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